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WGJ4K: Mario Vs Sonic WGJ4K: Mario Vs Sonic

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Meh...I was expecting something more...epic...

I happen to be a big fan of your work, but this flash wasn't as good as your others.

First of all, Mickey is one of my least favorite characters that you created. I know he is suppose to be a dick since it is titled after his name, but there is no humor in his actions. Reminds me of a$$holes that, back in the day, I had to beat some nonsense into. Basically, I really wanted to punch the screen.

Secondly, there was waaaaaaaaay too much pause between the clashing. It felt like it took forever for them to start fighting again.

Finally, who in their right mind would use a scene from There Will Be Blood, starring Daniel Day Lewis!? I watched that movie once, and for good reason. It was f'ing terrible!!!

Do me and everyone else a big favor and kill off Mickey. He's just a terrible character.

Good luck in future projects though, and have a great day! :D

Adios! *poof*

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LARRY episode 1.5 LARRY episode 1.5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The episode was great, but...

I just want to let you know that the credits were enlarged too much at the end and didn't fit completely on the screen.

Otherwise, excellent job and best of luck with the success of Larry! :D

Adios! *poof*

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Jazza responds:

thanks man
i just updated the swf file and hopefuly resolved the credit screen problem.

Madness One Madness One

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Krinkels already made a backstory...

If you take a look at the original Madness story, created by Krinkels and before everyone else loved it so much that they started using Krinkels' idea, you will see a very familiar flash to this one. Therefore originality is out the window.

Although the video was mildly entertaining, it doesn't deliver like Krinkels can deliver. Sorry if that upsets anyone, but I think what I said was rather important.

I can't give this video a good rating because I honestly see, at the most, 50% originality. Now if Newgrounds kept their old review system, your rating wouldn't have been so bad since originality was only one of the many categories before everything was averaged up.

Nice try though.

Adios! *poof*

Day of the Madness Day of the Madness

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty cool, even though you used zombies...

I've seen plenty of zombie stuff before, but adding the Madness line to this flash made it pretty cool.

I found it funny that you used a character from the Resident Evil movies. For people who still don't know, it was the guy with the duel gold guns.

Even though it was quite an amzing flash, you did use probably one of the most used chains I have ever seen; zombies. That is why I can't rate it a perfect score, but you did a great job and deserve a pat on the back.

Adios! *poof*

Zelda: UO Epis:8 Zelda: UO Epis:8

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

*sigh* Random Super Saiyan attacks...again...

A flash here, a flash there, and the battle is nothing but a bunch of blurs and still frames with a small twist of animation. I see this so much, It doesn't excite me anymore.

Wait...Midna is at the end!? That makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever! The Twilight Mirror cannot be replaced and cannot be reassembled once it is destroyed by the Twilight Princess.

Then again, you might be one of those people who takes waaaaaaaay too much time to look up the background of TLOZ, so you might have some small and rather lame excuse for her actually being there.

I have been watching these episodes very carefully and have held back my anger long enough. This series is just getting more and more odd with every episode that comes out.

I no longer like it. Sorry, but you you have lost a viewer.


I'm sick and tired of people rating a review as useless when it says something bad about a series. I believe I have stated my reasons for dislike and have given my opinion honestly, so please be kind to the people who dislike flash movies too. They have important things to say sometimes too.

Back to point...

I did like the bloopers, for the most part. That is why I'm giving this review a 5. Just try to make the rest of the episodes a little less like a re-run of Dragonball Z and all the other japanimtion stuff out there.

Good luck with the series.

Adios! *poof*

ScootLumpDude responds:


The Transformer The Transformer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Since the last three reviews tag teamed...

I figured I would write a review to praise you on a job well done.

I found it very funny that you used an old model car for the Transformer, since it was one of the exact models they showed a picture of in the actual Tranformers 2 movie.

I would also like to comment that the dialogue was spot on and was very easy to read inbetween scenes. For the people who complained about it, they're just slow readers and should therefore be thrown into the deepest pits that drop to the bowels of H e l l.

The mustache and eyeglass were a fine piece to add in and was like icing on the cake.

I think people are expecting too much out of this video. I think its just a simple way of showing what a Transformer would look like in the early 20th century and the reaction that a person of that time might have shown.

However, I must give you a 9 instead of a perfect ten because Michael Bay is whipping me in the shadows of my computer room saying that Transformers movies can only exist if...


Adios! *poof*

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S13 - I Want It! Syndrome S13 - I Want It! Syndrome

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I can a way

My life followed a similar path when I was younger, but not this extent.

*Thinks to self* I'm pretty sure it was barbed wire around a wooden block instead of nails *Ends thinking to self*

While most people rather like the Russian within this vid, I found it to be more of a distraction because I had to pay attention to the subtitles and that kept me away from actually watching most of it.

I don't mean to be rude, but I don't really think this video deserves to have such a high rating, as of right now. I can see it maybe having a 4.1 to 4.2, but nothing higher.

I also thought the video was ending more than a few times before I was literally thrown another clip. In seeing this, I thought it would work better if maybe the clips were in separate submissions, even though they all followed the same theme.

Good work, but not great work.

Adios! *poof*

Nightwayfarer responds:

ok :P

M.R.A.E. 2 M.R.A.E. 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Here is some advice...

If your animations suck and you center it around that would suck, guess what happens? IT SUCKS!!!

The narration was fogged up by the fact that you just put your freakin mouth waaaaaaay too close to the mic.

The animation wasn't really animation, as most of the stuff was just moving cut outs.

It was the most boring topic to talk about which made the flash that much worse.

Don't say that the movie is bad an then go ahead and upload it because that means you have no confidence in what you did. Its like you anticipated this being bad and therefore, when you worked on it, you made it bad.

Try harder! Who knows what you could accomplish! Until then, don't bother posting stuff like this. Adios! *poof*

Randomnecessities Short Randomnecessities Short

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well, there is a story behind this...

I don't mind it. Maybe its because I happen to be involved with LZ, or maybe its because I'm acting in the freakin' vid, but I just think this is a near Oscar worthy performance!!! :P

Actually, this was a small clip of a project we never completed. In fact, we never worked on it after my friend's computer crashed and we lost the file.

It might also be considered bad because the clip involves an inside joke that was never really explained (Making point of this being an incomplete project again).

We just recently were able to find this unfinished piece and decided, what the heck! Let's put it on Newgrounds and see if it passes judgement in its untouched, unbuffered state.

Well, it did, to my utter surprise! Thanks to all the people who allowed this to pass through judgement. Our goal was met! For this to pass judgement is like getting 1st place.

Nod to sbigmang23 for somehow being able to obtain this old footage and have the guts to upload it on to Newgrounds.

This is RadioactiveRebel (a.k.a. Bandalf1224) saying...

Adios! *poof*

Paladin's Quest Trailer Paladin's Quest Trailer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Bravo for your first Flash!!!

I'll just state this to clear it up. I have read the story that this Flash is based off of and I know for a fact it has nothing to do with the other "Paladin" series. It's based off of the Yugioh creatures. No it's not some stupid card thing we're gonna see again. It's the actual creatures living out their own lives, which sounds pretty cool when you think about it.

The voice was a little loud, but I'm not gonna discredit you for that because this technically is your first Flash submission that really means something. You were just precautious is all. The voice could go a little deeper, but from looking at The Paladin Of White Dragon card it actually fits quite a bit. In the picture, the creature looks rather young and might have a little bit higher of a tone.

I liked the music choice at the end. Simple, yet very effective. In all honesty, I got goosebumps. NOT KIDDING!!!

Bottom line, you deserve a good score. It needs work, so I'll skip on the 10...sorry! Of course, I happen to know the work you poured in to the book version itself. Not to mention, trying to fit it all together as a Flash too. Hard work pays off and for a first Flash, I don't think you can expect that much better than this. Good artwork too! Adios! *poof*

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sbigmang23 responds:

Thanks for the great review!

Wait... since when do rebels go *poof*?